Friday, 28 April 2017

The winner is...

Our pupils worked hard to produce amazing animations! A total of 42 animations are now published on the blog and the TwinSpace of our project. Pupils used both SCRATCH and GeoGebra doing a very important work. Now it is time to say which group is going to be the winner of the project. Here you can read criteria used to select the winner:
1) we selected groups with at least four animations produced;
2) among these we preferred groups that worked using both software (SCRATCH and GeoGebra);
3) finally, we considered quality of animations (clarity, correctness, originality, interactivity).

Taking into account all this... With 8 animations THE WINNER IS GROUP1!!!

Congratulations to Michele, Tommaso, Alessia, Samuele, Rebecca, Nadine, Andra, Raluca and Sara!

Soon they will receive a prize!


  1. Congratulations to all the groups and the pupils from the project for their involvment, commitment and great work!

  2. I agree Maria, all of them made a great work!